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Our Kickstarter campaign

As part of our Kickstarter campaign, there are a number of new designs of musluv covers currently in production.

To complete your pre-order, you are able to choose certain (new or exisiting) designs; please refer to your survey to see the particular designs available in your reward tier.

See below for a visual representation of all designs (colours may differ slightly due to varying screens). 

If you have any questions, please contact us here.

#1: "Sleep-time" Cover


#2: Limited Edition Covers - "Paper Salad" (grey)

Paper Salad Grey

#3: Limited Edition Covers - "Paper Salad" (multi)

Paper Salad Multi

#4: Limited Edition Covers - "Cardboard Crowns" (multi)

Cardboard Crowns

#5: "Fly Away Birdy" Cover

#6: "Classic" (white) Cover

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