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Pebble Sunbonnet — Briar Baby
Pebble Sunbonnet — Briar Baby
Pebble Sunbonnet — Briar Baby

Pebble Sunbonnet — Briar Baby

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Pair with everything, take it everywhere. Pebble is a neutral dream. 

We're excited to bring to you these rather special baby sunbonnets from the U.S.

An ideal addition to your baby's sun care kit.

Why you'll love these sunbonnets:

  • Wide brim keeps baby’s head, neck, and shoulders shaded from the sun
  • Brim can be worn forward for sun coverage or flipped back for greater visibility
  • Includes a 7.5+ cm all-around brim, even more protection than recommended by SunSmart and other Australian health organisations
  • Highest-quality natural fabrics ensure breathability and are water-friendly
  • Ties ensure it stays in place (and never gets lost)
  • Easy to wash and wear
  • Composition: 100% linen.


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