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Our Story

When my baby Alex was born, I felt anxious.

Having moved to Sydney from London, I was aware that UV exposure is a big issue here, especially for babies. But being indoors all the time felt so isolating. I was desperate to meet up with other people and get some much-needed fresh air to feel like myself again.

So, I had to find a way to protect Alex's delicate skin from harmful UV rays so we could both enjoy being outside the house.

I noticed that some parents were using muslin wraps to shield their babies' skin, but then I discovered they were too thin and porous, providing almost no protection against the sun’s rays.

I also saw parents using blankets, towels and stretchy swaddle wraps as makeshift covers, potentially trapping in air and creating a hothouse.

With the help of a friend, Erin, I decided create a solution that would give parents the full confidence that they were doing all they could to protect their babies whilst reconnecting with the outside world.

We didn’t want to develop something that included potentially harmful chemicals, so we created cotton muslin covers that have all the convenience of ordinary muslin wraps, but that include an invisible, safe, UV-protective barrier within the cotton fibres, to absorb the sun's rays. And of course it had to be allow babies to breathe easily and help keep them cool.

In between juggling motherhood, I’ve done a lot of research, development, testing, sourcing the right materials and cracking the right technology.

My passion lies in supporting parents by giving them the knowledge they need in a simple and easy way. I want to give parents the peace of mind to help them become the parents they want to be, and to allow them the freedom of enjoying being outdoors with their baby.

I hope you enjoy using your musluv baby sun cover as much as we have enjoyed developing and designing it for you!