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Congratulations on getting your new musluv baby sun cover.  We hope you and your baby enjoy using it outdoors.

We’ve put together a few tips, tricks and photos on how to use your cover so you can get the most from it. Just click on any section to start. 

Using musluv to shade your pram or stroller

We suggest experimenting at the beginning to find the best fit for your pram or stroller.

Sized to fit most single strollers and prams, musluv covers can be used as a diamond or square shape over the top to create the best fit for your particular pram.

Prams with "diamond" and "square on" covers

If your pram or stroller is small and there is an excess of material, you can try twisting or rolling the fabric, before tying the cover to the pram, or looping around a pram bar and tying to itself.

Close up of sun cover tied on pramExcess fabric is rolled and twisted before being tied to the handle

Close up of ties on pram handleExcess fabric is looped around the handle and tied to itself.

If your pram or stroller is long and you find you need more coverage in the length, try using it as a diamond shape.  

Stroller with Grey CoverStroller with "diamond" cover and looped excess fabric

To extend your stroller's own sun hood, you can try folding it in half to create a rectangle and tying to the pram handles, allowing it to hang over the front of the hood. 

Always use with the pram's (or stroller's) integrated hood extended. Make sure all corner ties are secured and the cover is taut enough that your baby cannot pull the cover over their face. Check on your baby regularly and leave side gaps to ensure a good flow of air for your baby's comfort, especially in hot weather. 

Using musluv for breastfeeding

Musluv tied on bra strap

One method for using your musluv baby sun cover for breastfeeding is to hold it as a diamond shape, tie the top corner onto (or tuck it under) the bra strap of the breast you are feeding from and tie the two free, diagonally opposite corners together at your hip level. Your baby will have plenty of room to feed without distraction under the cover and will be protected from insects and breezes.

Musluv sun cover tied around hipMusluv tied at hip level

Using musluv in your car 

Because musluv baby sun covers are flexible, they can be angled to block UV, whichever way the sunlight enters the car window. They can be tied to the car hardware (such as the grab handle, headrests or adult seatbelt buckles) or around the base of the car seat to create a shielding “wall” between the baby and the window.

Position your cover to allow a gap so you can still check your driving blind spots. Make sure all the ties are properly secured and that your baby cannot pull the cover over its face. 

Using musluv on your baby carrier

Musluv used in a diamond shape baby carrier sun shade cover

Using your musluv in a diamond shape for extra width

To create a cool, protective pocket of shade, simply tie the cover as a square (or diamond shape for extra width) around your hips. Then you can tie the top to the baby carrier straps if needed. 

Musluv as a "square on" baby carrier sun shade coverMusluv cover "square on" and tied on top of carrier strap

Alternatively you can tie the musluv cover to the carrier straps before you put it on.

Your baby’s limbs will be well protected, and the front of the musluv cover can be brought up over the back of the baby’s head to shade it as needed.

Musluv tied at back of carrier 

Remember to keep corner ties securely away from your baby’s face, neck, fingers and toes. Follow all current SIDS guidelines when using your musluv cover, particularly at nap times.