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  • Temperature and Airflow For Covered Prams
Baby looking out of covered pram
At musluv, we understand that parents are concerned about the temperature and the airflow inside covered prams.  

Our musluv baby sun covers have been designed exactly to help parents combat this issue. They do this in two ways:
  1. They have been independently lab-tested to show that air passes very freely through the fabric itself, allowing air to circulate. 
  2. The corner ties can be used to secure the cover to the pram handles and bars however you choose, so you can create side or front openings to allow warm air to escape and for a cross flow of air. This is what we recommend, particularly in warm weather. Openings also allow you to check on your baby frequently as recommended by baby health organisations, such as Red Nose. 
For further information on these issues, you can read our blog posts on whether you should cover your pram and what to look for in a pram shade