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  • Using musluv as a car sun shade for your baby

Car window shades for a baby are an essential way to protect their eyes and skin in their car seat, particularly as UVA rays go through rear window glass much more easily than the front windscreen. So, what makes musluv covers useful as a baby car window shade?

Musluv baby sun covers are flexible, so they can be angled to block UV, whichever way the sunlight enters the car window. They can be tied to the car hardware (such as the grab handle, headrests or adult seatbelt buckles) or around the base of the car seat to create a shielding “wall” between the baby and the window. Unlike with some window tints, they can be positioned to allow a gap so you can still check your blind spots. They’ll also keep shading your baby even if you open the window to let in some cool air.

By combining excellent sun protection and high-quality cotton muslin, musluv covers are uniquely suited to the task of protecting young, delicate skin.

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