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Man running with pram covered with musluv baby sun shade cover

Should you cover your pram during this summertime?

Parents have been covering their prams with blankets or thin cloths for decades, trying to shield their babies from the harmful effects of the sun. But how safe is it to do this when the weather heats up?
October 17, 2020  in BabyCoverOverheatingPramPram coverSummer
Happy baby lying on musluv in the grass with mum

What changes can you make to your 6 month old's sun care routine?

Once your baby reaches 6 months old and their skin becomes a little more mature and resilient you can make a couple of changes to their sun care routine. Find out what these are.
October 17, 2020  in BabyCoverPram cover
Mum gazing at sleeping baby using musluv as a blanket and lying on a blanket in the grass

Is there a best way to apply sunscreen on your baby?

Some sunscreen brands have recently suffered a backlash from worried parents. But the Cancer Council say that confusion on how to apply sunscreen is the problem. So how do you know whether you are applying it properly?
October 17, 2020  in BabySummerSunscreen for babies
Two babies under musluv baby sun shade cover

When should you use sunscreen on babies?

As a parent, you can feel as if you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. This summer’s stories of babies having bad skin reactions to sunscreens is enough to make anyone pause for thought. So is sunscreen for babies a real issue?
October 17, 2020  in BabySummerSunscreen for babies

Welcome to our musluv blog.

I'm Natasha, creator of the musluv sun cover. We are passionate about helping parents protect their babies’ skin, with our musluv muslin wraps and through the content on our blog.

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