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Man running with pram covered with musluv baby sun shade cover

Should you cover your pram during this summertime?

Parents have been covering their prams with blankets or thin cloths for decades, trying to shield their babies from the harmful effects of the sun. But how safe is it to do this when the weather heats up?
October 17, 2020  in BabyCoverOverheatingPramPram coverSummer
Baby in a pram with musluv baby sun shade cover and ventilation gaps

What should you look for in a baby sun shade for a pram?

One of the first things a parent (or parent-to-be) will buy is a pram or stroller so that they and their newborn can enjoy being outdoors when the weather is nice. But did you know that special considerations apply to sun care and babies?
October 17, 2020  in High heatOverheatingPram coverSummer
Happy baby lying on musluv in the grass with mum

What changes can you make to your 6 month old's sun care routine?

Once your baby reaches 6 months old and their skin becomes a little more mature and resilient you can make a couple of changes to their sun care routine. Find out what these are.
October 17, 2020  in BabyCoverPram cover
Smiling baby in pram under a white musluv cover

Are you worried about the heat inside your little one's pram?

With this heatwave, are you worried about the heat inside your little one’s pram? In this hot weather, the sun can heat up your pram to a high degree.  Why is this problem more evident now?

October 17, 2020  in Pram coverPram heat

Welcome to our musluv blog.

I'm Natasha, creator of the musluv sun cover. We are passionate about helping parents protect their babies’ skin, with our musluv muslin wraps and through the content on our blog.

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