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Are you worried about the heat inside your little one's pram?

by Natasha Jacquot  in Pram coverPram heat
Smiling baby in pram under a white musluv cover

With this heatwave, are you worried about the heat inside your little one’s pram?

Recently the mainstream media have picked up a news story highlighting something we all need to be aware of. In hot weather, the sun can heat up your pram to a high degree, and this is especially dangerous for babies who cannot regulate their body temperature in the same way that we can.

Why is this problem more evident now than before?

Modern prams can be deep and cocoon-like, with dark interiors and hardware that absorb and retain heat and restrict airflow. Most strollers these days are also set at that perfect diagonal upwards angle that “catches” as much heat from the sun as possible. Alongside the record heatwaves we are now experiencing, this can all go to creating a perfect storm, with our babies being the ones that lose out.

Baby uncovered in pram with sun shining on them


News stories like this can also make it seem like the problem has only one facet to it, and have led to many parents talking about not covering their pram at all in an effort to dissipate the heat and increase airflow.  

But in some circumstances, this can lead to a worse outcome. With an uncovered pram in direct sunlight, there’s absolutely nothing to block the sun’s rays from hitting the pram interior and raising its temperature. In fact an uncovered pram can reach much higher temperatures that a covered one. Covering a pram can help block some of the direct thermal heat from the sun reaching the baby.

Changing factors such as ambient temperature, wind, shade, UV levels and angle of the sun mean that the problem is much more nuanced that you might at first imagine. They also mean that hard and fast rules (such as never covering the pram) simply don't work.

As a parent, this makes it difficult to know how to best protect your baby in their pram. However musluv baby covers have been designed to help mums and dads out.

They do this in a few ways:

  • They have been independently lab-tested to show that air passes freely through the fabric itself, which means air isn’t stopped from replacing itself in the pram interior. This is the same testing that is done by manufacturers of good quality mesh or structured pram covers.
  • The soft fabric can also be folded, rolled, twisted and secured on the pram in lots of ways, meaning you can angle the cover to give as much or little coverage against the sun as you choose, and that you can change it as needed. It also allows you to peek in and check on your baby easily without having to open noisy zips.
  • They are rated UPF50+ which means they provide excellent protection against UV exposure.

Whichever pram cover you decide upon, the following simple, common-sense guidelines are useful for keeping your baby safe and happy, and helping you navigate this tricky topic.

Practical Guidelines 

In very hot weather, staying indoors with your baby is the safest course of action.  If you do choose to go outside:

  • Make sure you limit your time outdoors.
  • Start off with a cool pram. Don’t let your pram heat up (for example on your verandah) before putting your baby inside.
  • Don’t ever leave your pram (uncovered or covered) stationary, facing direct sunlight.
  • Use a safe and tested pram cover to protect your baby against UV and heat from direct sunlight. 
  • Make sure you use a pram cover that is easily removable/adjustable (to vary the coverage and allow increased airflow)  as circumstances change during your trip out.
  • Try opening up your pram cover or taking it off if you are in the shade.
  • Most importantly, check on your baby frequently to make sure they stay cool and comfortable. 

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