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Man running with pram covered with musluv baby sun shade cover

Should you cover your pram during this summertime?

Parents have been covering their prams with blankets or thin cloths for decades, trying to shield their babies from the harmful effects of the sun. But how safe is it to do this when the weather heats up?
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Baby in a pram with musluv baby sun shade cover and ventilation gaps

What should you look for in a baby sun shade for a pram?

One of the first things a parent (or parent-to-be) will buy is a pram or stroller so that they and their newborn can enjoy being outdoors when the weather is nice. But did you know that special considerations apply to sun care and babies?
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Mum looking and smiling down at her baby in car seat with car window covered by bird musluv

Why is your baby more exposed in the car to winter UV than you are?

With summertime now over, you might be tempted to think that you don't need to worry about your baby and the sun. But autumn and winter sun brings about a different kind of problem.
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Baby legs and feet hanging from pram, using musluv as a pram blanket

5 quick-fire differences between baby skin and our own skin

Oh, to have the skin of a baby! A soft, lusciously-plump blank canvas, completely unspoiled by life.  Here are five quick differences between baby and adult skin you can’t see.
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Welcome to our musluv blog.

I'm Natasha, creator of the musluv sun cover. We are passionate about helping parents protect their babies’ skin, with our musluv muslin wraps and through the content on our blog.

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